About Us:

We met in the winter of 2015 at Kremwerk, a kink bar in Seattle. Upon entry, you descend the chainlink fence to the underground bar. Jars of backlit spinal cords, euphoria, and a coloured-spectrum of fetuses confuses your senses. It’s a great bar. In the darkness, creative, spectacles-living ensue!

We fell in love and got engaged four years later on a volcano in Iceland.

Prior to meeting, Jessie and I had separately visited a handful of countries. Together, we’ve visited fourteen international, and a couple local destinations despite our 50-hour jobs and COVID-19.

We’re very lucky..

Traveling breaks relationships, worse than COIVD. (It’s not her, it’s you Bro) We haven’t killed each other yet and always have a new trip on the horizon. Our blog succinctly shares travel tips to save you time and money.

  1. Culture shock is one of the best parts of being human, don’t act like a privileged, Boomer, white person when you travel. Walk around, talk to people, give, share, be genuine! Nobody is out to get you. They’re just happy you’re in their country.
  2. Don’t travel if you want brown people to wait on you. I mean, you can do this, but it means you’re a piece of shit human
  3. Try to speak the language.
  4. Despite what Fox News says, foreigners terrorists, agent provocateurs don’t that want to steal from you and corrupt our voting. They’re people trying to survive. People, with the same biological imperatives as you, being marginalized because of our environmental impact on the oceans, land and atmosphere.

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